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Every complex catastrophe event needs effective leaders who ensure the team receives quality training, motivation, and support prior to and throughout the CAT event.

Prior to Catastrophic Event: Midstate is Proactive!

We administer assessments to identify staff who are best suited to lead the organization’s CAT Team.

We map the organization’s normal step by step claims process and ensure team is familiar with this process.

We work with the Carrier Client to predict claim volume based on PIF count and determine adequate staffing numbers.

We determine staffing levels and assess the need to bring in additional skilled personnel.

We prepare training protocols for the possible need for additional licensed adjusters, alternate line of business adjusting, and/or temporary staffing to ensure consistency in service.

We identify roles and determine the need for outside vendors and/or additional internal staff.

Working with our Clients, we develop materials and schedule to provide “pre-event” training to claims staff.

We secure contracts with external CAT Vendors to ensure adequate services for the duration of the CAT event.

The right people in the right place at the right time insures a successful outcome for our CAT Clients.

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