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Our staff of licensed and qualified adjusters fill gaps occurring due to attrition, sudden growth, or downsizing.  We know what is needed and we find the right fit for your organizational environment.

Our process allows for the insertion of our Adjusters into your workforce in the event of a Catastrophe or Daily Claim need.  Many of our adjusters have worked for carriers and are comfortable with the inter-workings of a claims office.   These qualified adjusters quickly take on workloads to reduce volume and facilitate your claims process.

We work differently than typical temporary staffing companies, we are not filling jobs, rather we are assisting your staff in reducing the claim volume to bring operations back to a manageable pace.   Our experts know how to review claim files, find resolutions and get claims closed.  Our objective is to pitch in to help-out and get your team back on track.

Midstate Claim Solutions offers the following additional services:

  •      Remote Desk Adjusting- Commercial/ Personal Lines P&C

  •      Dispute Resolution- Appraisal/ Mediation

  •      Large Loss Claim Handling

  •      Litigation Management

  •      Underwriting Inspections

  •      Audit/ Reinspect Services

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